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Success Stories 


Below are just a sample of testimonials, pictures, and videos showing some of the dogs and issues I have worked with. 


This video shows Sweet Adeline- a 2 yr-old Shepherd/Rottweiler mix. She had some impulse control issues, specifically jumping and mouthing people when she got overly excited! I worked on turning her excitement switch on and off for better impulse control, directing her energy to appropriate outlets like tug and food toys, and teaching her to sit when greeting people instead of jumping! Here you see her doing some awesome sits, watches, enjoying her kong, playing tug, and even following a target stick to do a pretty spin. 


Mochi and I had a great time in your puppy kindergarten class!  I learned so much from you (and subsequently Mochi did too)!  I've grown up with dogs all my life and I thought I was doing things correctly when training my dogs.  It wasn't until I took your class that I really understood the power and benefits of positive training.  It was amazing when I corrected some of my faulty methods in training and saw the quick results in Mochi's behaviors! Thank you so much. -Paige L.


When we adopted a deaf 6-month-old puppy from SFSPCA, we were referred to Alice for private training sessions. From barking for attention to lunging at other dogs, our puppy was stressing us out! After an in-depth consultation and 4 sessions with Alice, the difference is incredible. Our puppy, now 8 months old, doesn't lunge at other dogs and checks back with us for a treat. Instead of demand barking, he usually offers a sit or a down/settle on his own. Thanks to Alice's guidance, we've learned useful hand signals and can now communicate better with our puppy. The best is when we get compliments from strangers about how well-behaved our puppy is. What a difference a few sessions can make! - Amy C.


Just wanted to say thanks again for all the help, and I think we made great progress. In fact, on Saturday we had our first big test and Finn passed with flying colors. We had a St Patrick’s day party, with loud music and about thirty people, mainly strangers. We greeted the first ones at the gate, with Finn, and after a couple of quick barks he never barked again. In fact, he was at the center of the party all night, let strangers pet him, and kept bringing his toys to wherever crowds formed. Party went from about 6pm to 1am and he was great all night. Couldn’t have gone any better. -Neil O.


Alice has taught me the skills necessary to help Bailey modify some of his behaviors and improve his health and well-being. I am so grateful for her expertise and insight. She has such a natural and easy way of interacting with dogs and helps their humans throughout the process as well. 

-Lauren M

Choose Positive Dog Training

Thank you, Alice! I so, so appreciate the thought and care you put into each report and love seeing all the positive changes in Suz after working with these techniques. So much more suited to both of our personalities! -Megan C.



Thank you SO, SO much for everything you have done with Phoenix.  In the time that you have worked with her, she has grown from an impetuous puppy into a well-behaved, poised little lady.  It is so nice to have such a solid training foundation instilled into her from which I hope to help her fulfill her career as a search and rescue dog.  The videos that you have taken during your training sessions and detailed training reports together are really helpful.  I get a chance to see Phoenix learn in isolation and analyze her behaviors, the training process and create a plan for she and I going forward to build on her training together.  I've never known a trainer who put so much attention into the details of the work that they do with dogs. This was the best decision I could have made for Phoenix. -Tootie T.​

Phoenix positive training

Connor before

Connor after

Connor was known to be a high energy adolescent chihuahua, whose favorite activity was... jumping! He loved people so much that he wanted to get their attention as fast and efficiently as possible, so jumping made sense and sitting didn't. Thus, he would often quickly lose interest or continue to jump, while other dogs were learning how to sit. Instead of pushing his rear down with my hands or scolding him for not sitting, I kept the experience positive and effective by using a method called shaping. I first rewarded him for lifting his chin, then for his back legs bending ever so slightly, and finally for his rear on the floor in a solid sit.


Once he learned how to sit and wait with positive reinforcement, he was a sitting machine- automatically sitting when he wanted something and responding to the sit cue in a snap! The first video shows him before training, where he shows off his sweet personality and habit of jumping to get attention. The second video shows him sitting and waiting happily to get what he wants! Oftentimes you can tell when a dog was taught with force or aversive punishment by the way he begrudgingly sits because he has to out of fear and lack of choice. Watch how a dog trained with positive reinforcement like Connor responds to sitting with happy tail wags, a loose body and face, and sticks around for the chance to train some more! 

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